House for Men
Sobriety Through Active Recovery
Jon's Story
Thank you for visiting S.T.A.R. House for Men. My name is Jon Hollifield, Director for the STAR House program and a native, life-long resident of Gainesville, Georgia.

I personally experienced the problems and behaviors associated with drug and alcohol addiction for 12 years before making the conscious descision to take the necessary steps to overcome my addiction and enter a life of recovery. Six years of training and experience in mangement and program administration in the field of residential recovery led me to found the STAR House for Men recovery program.

As a graduate of Circle of Recovery under Dr. Karen Kelly, I have developed 200 hours of class room training and over sixteen thousand (20,000) hours of field experience. Training as an abuse counselor in assessment interviewing, treatment planning, and short term client systems along with training in HIV/Aids and ethics and cultural diversity, as well as, relapse prevention have prepared me to pursue my passion of serving and directing hundreds of recovering addicts in their own personal journey to regain sobriety and discover a higher quality of life.

My experience teaches that recovery should involve the introduction of our residents to real life with dignity. Learning to live with others, restoration of family relationships, learning the value of working a job with the independence it can bring, all while identifying the true source of destructive behaviors and choices represent the core of the STAR House program. STAR House would be honored to serve you or a loved one in the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse while providing guidance and direction in real life skills.